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Thats not him!!!!

We went down to Temple Square as a family. Owen was lifted up so he could see the the statue of Christ, I asked him if he saw Jesus. He said "NO I didn't see him, it was only a statue" It was so cute, we had to explain that it was a statue of Jesus. Got to love 3yr old innocence.



I love this time of year so much. It is always so much fun to be with our family. This year I have so much grattitude. It has been a long 6weeks with me having my hysterectomey and I am so thankful for all the help I received from our families and friends. Mike and the kids have been great to help and I can't imagine it was always easy for Mike to be Dad and Mom but he is so amazing, I can't imagine not having him in my life. The kids were also great help. Emily was so great to help around the house or with Owen. Owen started telling everyone his "best friends" (Imaginary friends) had belly aches and had to rest. HA HA HA it is so funny what they think of because of what is going on with those around them. Our fmaily could not ask for a better family and neighborhood, My sister Jen and Kathy practically lived at out house while Mike was working and helped clean, do laundry and most importantly play with Owen. What would we do with out them all? I also am so grateful for the gospel and that we have the knowledge to do what we need to do to be together forever and that we all have been given free agency. I am grateful that my kids like to be together most of the time and that my 3yr old sings church songs all day long. I love that Emily likes to go to Young Womens and is excited to be doing her Personal Progress. I love that Andrew is so patient and kind to everyione and is also loving Scouts. I am happy that Mike and I have great jobs to provide for our family and that I have a great group of friends at work that I can rely on. Thank you to all of our family and friends. We hope you have a great holiday season.


All good things must come to an end.

We have all had such a great time with the FC Pride team.


Mike has decided to stop coaching in that division due to some personal issues as well as the division changing rules on that you have to have 100 girls in the club to have a team.

It has been such a learning experience for the entire family.
Emily has improved so much throughout the last two years and made friendships that will continue on.

Mike has learned what is really important to him in life and I am so proud of him. we are all so lucky to have him in our life. The last game and week after was very hard for Emily, One of her best friends is playing on a different team and she was sad. I think change is always hard at first. I am sure they will stay friends even without soccer.
All of the girls had awesome personalities and got along great.
We will miss all of there fun personalities and energy.














Good Bye F.C. Pride.


Ems Kiwani Scholarship and broken nose

Emily wrote a essay about the Liberty Bell and won 4th place and received a $200.00 bond for school.  
  She was not to happy to go to the awards ceremony because she had broken her nose the night before. She was jumping on the tramp doing flips and her knee got her nose.

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We are so proud of you Emily for all your hard work. You can do anything if you put your heart into it.

Easter with the Garmire Family 2011

We were so happy to get to go to Henderson and stay with Dave and Leah for Easter break. We do not get to see them to much and Dave had no school so we jumped on it.



It was so nice to be able to catch up and let the kids enjoy some warm weather.


we were able to celebrate Easter with them and that was great. We love and miss them all so much.
We went to the park and played while the boys went to a movie.

Em loves Penguins so she was pretty excited to see the Penguin snowie place so we had to stop and get one.











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Thanks Dave and Leah for having us.

Andrew had his first Blue and Gold Banquet this year and his Pinewood Derby.  
  He had to decorate cupcakes for the Blue and Gold.
  He was so happy to do his skit and get his belt loops. He loves Scouts so much.
  He had a great time making his car with Mike, of course they chose the Utes for his car.
  Even Owen had a blast at the Pinewood with his matchbox cars.
  We are so proud of drew and for the wonderful kid he is.

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